March 2020 Campout – Martin Dies State Park

On March 6, 2020 we went to Martin Dies State Park. We are planning to hike, swim, and kayak. 

 We all woke up and had a nice breakfast. It was also cold and we were expecting it to be warmer. After breakfast we went to flag our patrol leader Henry Reinhardt and scout master Bob Casey. We raised the flag and then started to talk about safety when you’re in a canoe. We were going to canoe later that day. After that, we went to separate stations that we needed to attend. Some people went to the canoeing merit badge while others relaxed and cleaned up after breakfast.

Before we could do the activities, we had to do two hours of service which was picking up trash on the trails. Most of us went, but some people stayed behind. After lunch it was time to do the fun activities which was canoeing. Mr. Johnson was the leader of the canoeing patrol and there were two times you could go. The canoeing was very fun, but we didn’t make it all around the loop because of time shortage and it was almost dinner time. We went in and cleaned up the canoes then put them away. The patrols all got back up together and had dinner. The sunset was also beautiful as it got cold fast. It was then time for campfire and we were all ready to do our skits. All the patrols did a skit and it was very entertaining and funny. After that some people went to bed and some people stayed up to have a campfire of their own. At 10:00 it was cold but the fire kept us warm. We woke up in the morning with an unexpected 39 degree temperature, but we were ready to go home. We cleaned up then went to Scout’s Own and said thanks for this wonderful campout. We then patrolled the area for trash. We were all tired from all the fun, but it was time to go home.  We loaded up and we were out of there.