2024 Lake Saimaa Canoe Trek


Estimated cost $2000-$2500 per person

About Lake Saimaa

Saimaa is the biggest lake in Finland and the fourth-largest natural freshwater lake in Europe. Saimaa is actually made up of dozens of lakes, which form a maze that encompasses the regions of Southern Savonia, South Karelia and North Karelia. The Wall Street Journal included Saimaa in its list of the world’s five most spectacular lakes.

Area                        4,400 km²
Shoreline                14,859 km
Number of islands         13,710
Surface elevation   75.70 m
Maximum depth             84 m
Average depth        17 m


Historical Temperatures – Anttola, Finland

2022 High (F)89°80°80°81°85°86°80°80°77°72°73°
2022 Low (F)58°61°51°48°53°62°56°55°55°53°50°
2023 High (F)76°78°78°81°64°64°65°66°64°71°71°
2023 Low (F)53°52°53°54°56°55°52°50°50°51°53°

Approximately June 27, 2024 to July7, 2024 (dates to be firmed closer in)

Thursday, June 27Depart IAH
Friday, June 28Arrive HEL
Shuttle to Wild Canoe
Overnight at Wild Canoe
Saturday, June 29Canoe Day 1
Sunday, June 30Canoe Day 2
Monday, July 1Canoe Day 3
Tuesday, July 2Canoe Day 4
Wednesday, July 3Canoe Day 5
Thursday, July 4Canoe Day 6
Friday, July 5thCanoe Day 7
Saturday, July 6thCanoe Day 8 (if needed)
Sunday, July 7thDepart HEL
Arrive IAH
Who is eligible to attend?
  • At least 14 years old by June 27, 2023
  • Strong swimmer and canoer
  • Have earned Canoeing MB
  • Have a valid passport with an expiration date greater than Dec 31, 2024)
What’s it like?