Board of Review

Board of Review Opportunities

The troop typical holds Boards of Review (BORs) twice a month during the school year, once during the monthly troop campout and once on a Tuesday night prior to a troop meeting. Tuesday nights that will host BORs can be found on the Troop Calendar. The campout schedule can be found HERE.

Troop 55 Board of Review Procedures & Requirements
  • Scouts may only sit for a Board of Review (BOR) once all of the requirements for their rank are signed off in either Scoutbook (online) or their physical Scouts BSA Handbook (real world).
  • Scouts may request a BOR with some requirements incomplete (typically a Scoutmaster’s Conference) provided they have already scheduled an opportunity to complete the needed requirements prior to the Board of Review. THE BOR CANNOT TAKE PLACE UNTIL ALL REQUIRMENTS ARE MET.
  • After receiving a scout’s board of review request, the troop’s advancement team will review the scout’s online records and the submitted photos of their physical Scouts BSA Handbook to ensure no issues exist that would prevent rank advancement.
  • Mrs. Cassandra Smith or Mrs. Karen Reifel, the BOR Coordinators, will contact the scouts and confirm their attendance once their requests are approved.
Board of Review Request Timeline

All BORs must be requested and approved via this process. In unique scenarios, only the Scoutmaster and/or Troop Committee Chairman will have authority to schedule advancement BORs outside of this framework.

BOR TypeSubmit ByInvite By
TuesdayPrior Wed (8PM)Prior Fri (8PM)
CampoutPrior Wed (Noon)Prior Thurs (8PM)

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