GOAT Patrol Requirements

Do ALL of the following:

  • Register as an Adult with the BSA
  • Complete and Maintain Youth Protection Training (YPT)
    • And Safeguarding God’s Children (Diocese version of YPT)
  • Complete Adult Survey

Do 10 of the following:

  • Complete IOLS (Introduction to Outdoor Leadership Skills)
  • Attend three (3) Troop 55 campouts (Shadow a PASM for at least one)
  • Attend three (3) Troop Committee Meetings
  • Serve as Assistant Campmaster for a campout
  • Serve as Assistant Grubmaster for a campout (Prepare Breakfast Lunch or Dinner)
  • Serve as Trailer Puller for a Campout
  • Serve as Medical Officer for a Campout
  • Complete BSA Safe Swim Training and Hazardous Weather Module
    • Online Course (less than 1 hr)
  • Complete BSA Safety Afloat Training
  • Register to be a Merit Badge Counselor for 5 Merit Badges (Prefer 1 be Eagle Required)
  • Serve on a Board of Review 3 Tuesday nights
  • Volunteer to give discuss FC-9A (Citizenship) with FCT Patrol (Elected Official or legal professional ideally)
  • Serve as Bus Captain for a Campout