FCT Session (June 27 – 2:00pm)

  • Welcome
  • Introduce Instructional Video
    • “Instructional videos can be found at in the First Class Trail Section
    • Mr. Thompson will screen share how to locate the video and play the video.
  • Begin FCT Triva Challenge
    • Explain Rules
      • You will be playing as patrols
      • Each Question is worth 1pt
      • Answers must be typed in the chat box along with the first initial of your patrol (B = Bulldog, F = Fox, I = Ice Dragon)
      • The first patrol to have a member answer correctly gets the point
    • Begin Game (MC reads all the question and all the answers) – Mr. Thompson will run the power point, Mr. King will keep score.
      • Give time to respond
      • Mr. Thompson may add explanation if it becomes necessary
    • When over, congratulate the winning patrol and thank everyone for participating
  • Ask for announcements and close the meeting (remind about Campfire at 7:30)