Problem Requirements During COVID-19 Social Distancing

  • Tenderfoot 3A, Tenderfoot 3B, Tenderfoot 3C
    • Need Rope
  • Tenderfoot 3D
    • Need Axe, Knife, and Sharpening Tools.
    • Need Supervision
    • Campout and Local?
  • Tenderfoot 6A & 6C
    • Might be best to have a mile course set up and video to demonstrate the reach test
    • Memorial Park
  • Tenderfoot 7A
    • Can demonstrate/discuss virtually with help but may need access to flag pole.
    • Set up flag pole on lawn
Second Class
  • Second Class 2B and Second Class 2C
    • Need Axe and Knives
    • Need Firewood
    • Need Location to build/start fire
    • Campout and Local?
  • Second Class 2D
    • Need Stove
  • Second Class 3A
    • Need Compass & Map
  • Second Class 3B
    • Need to publish 5-mile hike or 10 mile bike courses
  • Second Class 5B
    • Gigglin’ Marlin or Virtual
    • Do we organize?
  • Second Class 5C
    • Gigglin’ Marlin or On Own
    • Do we organize?
  • Second Class 7C
    • Organized by Troop – Parents should attend
    • Multiple Dates? or Recording
  • Second Class 8C
    • We can pre-record Flag Ceremonies for the Troop meetings
First Class
  • First Class 3B
    • Need Rope
  • First Class 3C & First Class 3D
    • Probably Needs to be done in person
    • Need Rope and Poles
  • First Class 4A
    • Use Herman Park Orienteering Course
    • Create Additional Courses
    • Small Groups or with Family
  • First Class 4B
    • Must have GPS, perhaps can identify a good app to act as GPS (ViewRanger)
    • Worksheet
  • First Class 6A
    • Gigglin’ Marlin or Video
  • First Class 6C&D
    • FCT Virtual Meeting
  • First Class 6E
    • Gigglin’ Marlin or Video