Saturday @ Hermann Park Leadership Guide

Remember to Social Distance


  • Mask (plus a spare)
  • Daypack
  • Scout Book
  • BSA Outdoor Essentials
    • Water
    • Sun Protection
    • Extra Clothing
    • Compass
    • Trail Food
  • Lunch
  • GPS or Cell Phone (if you don’t have there will be ones to share).
    • Suggest App for iPhone is Spyglass (Not Required)

Group 1 will start with orienteering

Group 2 will start with Knife, Saw, and Ax

The groups will swap in the afternoon but have lunch and Navigate with a GPS in between.

All adult leaders should wear their Class A Uniforms.

If you don’t know where to be or are arriving after 9:00AM, proceed to the Lake Picnic Area (Where we will be hosting Knife, Saw and Ax) Call Mr. Thompson (281-797-5759) if you have issues. We will need a PASM at the start of the Orienteering course (Cherie Flores) at 9:00AM

A majority of the PASMs will be going with the Orienteering Groups and a majority of the TGs and Instructors will be teaching Knife, Saw, and Ax. Take a moment before you reach the site to refresh your memory on these topics.


The scouts will be doing First Class 4A

We will start by calculating their pace by having them pace naturally over a fixed distance (we will have this marked)

The scouts will need to navigate by taking a bearing and pacing the distance to find the answer to the question. Keep in mind the distances are in meters. Each scout should have an opportunity to figure out one of the legs.

They will be asked to determine the height of an object. They will need to choose between the felling method or proportional measurement.

They will also need to determine the width of an object they cannot cross. They should follow the width-measuring technique.

The Scout’s directions for the Orienteering Course are here.

Leadership should view this version with the answer sheet and photos (do not share with FCT Scouts)

Let them make mistakes but use the answers to make sure you don’t veer too far from the course and fall behind.

We estimate two to two and a half hours for the course. Stop for water and snack breaks.

Knife, Saw, and Ax

This will consist of 3 Stations.

Station 1 – Knife and Ax Handling and Safety
  • When do you use a knife, saw or axe
  • Storage and care of Knives, Saws, and Axes
  • Passing bladed tools (i.e. “Thank You)
  • Safe area (Ax Yard, Blood Circle)
  • Sharpening of a Knife (Using a Stone)
  • Sharpening of an Ax (Using a File)
  • Knife Use
Station 2 – Saw and Axe Use
  • Using a saw
  • Chopping with axe
  • Splitting wood using contact method
  • Describe Kindling, Tinder, and Fuel
  • Using Axe and knife each scout makes kindling and tender for their “fire”
Station 3 – Fire Building
  • Discuss types of Kindling (Leaves, Grass, pine needles, etc)
  • Discuss types of fire starters
  • Discuss Fire Building Techniques (Teepee or Log Cabin)
  • Have scouts build their “fire” from their tinder and Kindling

Navigating with a GPS

Following their first activity the scouts will be asked to navigate to the other activity using GPS. Most likely this will be a cell phone and will require some sharing.

Morning Orienteering Scouts will navigate to N29°43’05” W95°23’21”

Morning Knife, Saw and Ax Scouts will navigate to N29°43’14” W95°23’15”

Try to take a moment to explain to the scouts Longitude/Latitude and how the Global Positioning System works.


Lunch serves more than one purpose. Besides sustenance, it will be the initial portion of First Class 9C. Toward the end of the meal discuss how the scouts could have reduced, reused, and recycled.