Senior Patrol Leader

• Life rank or above.
• Troop Junior Leadership Training.
• Council NYLT Training.
• Two years experience with Scout leadership positions (one being Patrol Leader, ASPL, High
Adventure Crew leader)
• Elected by a majority vote of the Troop.

General Responsibilities: The Senior Patrol Leader (SPL) is elected by the Scouts to lead the Troop for
6 months. The SPL agrees to:
• Proudly and correctly wear the Scout uniform per the BSA standards (complete Field uniform for
all Troop meetings, consisting of tucked and buttoned Scout shirt with current insignia, pants,
belt, socks, neckerchief and slide)
• Demonstrate highest level of Scout Spirit and “Esprit de corps”
• Be focused and involved during scout activities. Limit personal, social activities during scout
• Plan troop activities and events
• Develop within the Troop a high level of Scout Spirit and “Esprit de corps” using the Patrol
• Organize and conduct all Patrol Leader Council meetings, Court of Honor celebrations, troop
meetings (unless excused by the Scoutmaster prior to the event)
• Communicate plans to the Troop and Adult Leaders
• Delegate responsibilities to ASPLs, Junior Leaders and Scouts.
• Supervise Patrol Leaders using the “Start, Stop, Continue” method.
• Conduct one program planning meeting and provide input to the yearly calendar.
• Appoint, train and supervise Junior Leaders with the advice and counsel of the Scoutmaster.
• Review and provide input to the Scoutmaster on Advancing Scouts
• Assist the Scoutmaster with troop Junior Leadership Training
• Schedule monthly Scoutmaster Conferences after election (approximately every 30 days) to
review progress on advancement and performance of leadership position.

Advancement Expectations: To advance to the ranks, a Scout must “serve actively” in his leadership
position by doing in ALL of the following during a six month period:
• Prepare and execute the Troop Annual Meeting and Campout program consistent with Troop 55
Program Standards. During PLC meetings, review the detailed program for the next month, plan
the following month’s program in detail; assign responsibilities for each program item and discuss
the 2 month additional look ahead.
• Plan and lead all troop meetings (unless excused by the Scoutmaster prior to an event)
Senior Patrol Leader
Effective September 2008
• Plan and lead all troop activities, such as campouts, trips, and day hikes (unless excused by the
Scoutmaster prior to an event)
• Coordinate and plan yearly troop events, such as:, Camporee, Webelos Camp-out/Activity,
Webelos Cross-over, Summer Camps or Troop Development Activity.
• Effective discharge of Responsibilities.
• Effective discharge of Performance Expectations.
Performance Expectations: In addition to the discharge of his general Responsibilities, above, the
Senior Patrol leader shall:
• Appoint a qualified First Assistant Senior Patrol leader to discharge the Senior Patrol Leader’s
responsibilities in the absence of the SPL and to coordinate the responsibilities of all Assistant
Senior Patrol Leaders appointed by the SPL.
• Appoint qualified Assistant Senior Patrol leaders for at least the following four (4) areas: Training
and Instruction, Camping, Patrol Development, and Membership.
• Encourage the Patrols, through the ASPL for Patrol Development to earn the National Patrol
Honor Award.
• Have read and has a copy of the “Senior Patrol Leader Handbook”.
• Produce and follow a written “Seven Part Meeting Plan” for each Troop meeting and each
meeting of the PLC.
• Produce, publish in advance and follow written schedules for each campout through the ASPL for
• Attend all Courts of Honor during your term of office unless excused in advance by the
• Participate in at least one (1) overnight weekend session of the Urban Scouting Program at Camp
Strake beginning at 7:00pm on the Friday the session begins and ending Saturday afternoon
when the session ends.
• Appoint and utilize a Service Patrol and a Program Patrol for each T