Senior Patrol Leader

Senior Patrol Leader


Required Qualifications
  • Life Rank or Above
  • Previously served as ASPL
  • Elected by the Troop
  • Proudly and correctly wear the full Scout uniform to Troop 55 Standards
  • Demonstrate highest level of Scout Spirit
  • Promote the Patrol method within the troop
  • Ensure the organization and success of all:
    • Patrol Leader Council meetings,
    • Court of Honor celebrations
    • troop meetings.
  • Communicate plans to the Troop and Adult Leaders
  • Appoint and supervise qualified Assistant Senior Patrol Leaders for the following positions:
  • Delegate responsibilities to ASPLs, Patrol Leaders, and other PORs.
  • Have read and has a copy of the “Senior Patrol Leader Handbook”.

• Prepare and execute the Troop Annual Meeting and Campout program consistent with Troop 55
Program Standards. During PLC meetings, review the detailed program for the next month, plan
the following month’s program in detail; assign responsibilities for each program item and discuss
the 2 month additional look ahead.

• Appoint a qualified First Assistant Senior Patrol leader to discharge the Senior Patrol Leader’s
responsibilities in the absence of the SPL and to coordinate the responsibilities of all Assistant
Senior Patrol Leaders appointed by the SPL.
• Encourage the Patrols, through the ASPL for Patrol Development to earn the National Patrol
Honor Award.
• Have read and has a copy of the “Senior Patrol Leader Handbook”.
• Produce and follow a written “Seven Part Meeting Plan” for each Troop meeting and each
meeting of the PLC.
• Produce, publish in advance and follow written schedules for each campout through the ASPL for