Patrol Leader

Job Description:
• The Patrol Leader is elected by the patrol and leads the patrol.

• At least 1st Class Scout

Reports to:
• The Senior Patrol Leader

Adult Mentor(s):
• Patrol Assistant Scoutmaster (PASM) and Scoutmaster

Patrol Leader duties:
• Plan and lead patrol meetings and activities.
• Keep patrol members informed.
• Assign each patrol member a job and help them succeed. For example, Assistant Patrol Leader,
Patrol Scribe, Patrol Quartermaster.
• Represent the patrol at all Patrol Leaders’ Council (PLC) meetings and at the annual program
planning conference.
• Prepares the patrol to take part in all troop activities.
• Develop patrol spirit.
• Regularly attends troop meetings, troop campouts, and troop events during his service period.
• Work with other troop leaders to make the troop run well.
• Know what patrol members and other leaders can do.
• Set the example.
• Proudly and correctly wear the Scout uniform per the BSA standards (complete Field uniform for
all Troop meetings, consisting of tucked and buttoned Scout shirt with current insignia, pants,
belt, socks, neckerchief and slide).
• Live by the Scout Oath and Law.
• Show Scout spirit.
• Meet the Performance and Advancement Expectations for this Position of Responsibility.

Performance and Advancement Expectations:
• Attend at least 80% of all Troop meetings.
• Attend at least 80% of all meetings of the PLC, and ensure the Patrol is represented at 100% of
all meetings of the PLC.
• Attend at least 80% of all campouts.
• Attend Troop Leader Training, even if you have attended in the past.
• Have a Patrol Flag.
• Have a Patrol Yell.
• Have the Patrol’s insignia on the Patrol’s action packer and other Patrol equipment.
• In any 3 consecutive month period following election:
1. Have at least 2 Patrol Members advance in rank, and
2. Have the Patrol participate in at least 2 Good Turns or service projects approved in
advance by the PLC.
3. Have 8 members in the Patrol or increase Patrol membership over the previous
three months.
• Have at least 75% of the Patrol proudly and correctly wear the Scout uniform per the BSA
standards at all Troop meetings, Courts of Honor and campouts. (complete Field uniform
consisting of tucked and buttoned Scout shirt with current insignia, pants, belt, socks, neckerchief
and slide).
• Supervise the Patrol in conducting a “Stop, Start, Continue” assessments at least once per month
during Patrol meetings.
• During the first Patrol meeting following each meeting of the PLC, review the Troop program for
the next month with the Patrol, plan the Patrol’s participation in the following month’s program in
detail; assign responsibilities to members of the Patrol for each program item and discuss the 2
month additional look ahead with the Patrol.
• Have attendance taken at each Patrol Meeting and report the names of those Patrol members
whom have missed 2 consecutive Patrol Meetings to the SPL and/or the ASPL for Membership.
• Coordinate with the ASPL for Advancement and Training to ensure each Patrol member
advances or will advance in rank at least once per year, and that any Patrol members under First
Class rank attain First Class within one year of joining the Troop.
• For each campout, prepare a written duty roster and post it in a conspicuous location.
• Have read and have a copy of the Patrol Leader Handbook.
• Have read, signed and has a copy of Troop Leadership Agreement.
• Meet with the SM or his designee to establish your written advancement plan for the leadership
term. The Troop will provide you with an opportunity to sign up for, and complete merit badges
consistent with your obligations as a Scout Leader. The Troop will enable you to complete them
either on your own or in a merit badge class setting at a time consistent with the Troop’s Five
year Plan.
• Schedule monthly Scoutmaster Conferences with PASM after election (approximately every 30
days) to review progress on advancement and performance of leadership position. Additional
Scoutmaster Conferences are encouraged. Advancement in rank is approved or deferred by the
Scoutmaster after Scoutmaster Conference.
• Maintain your service record for this Position of Responsibility for use in all Scoutmaster
• At the end of your term, return the copy of the Patrol Leaders Handbook issued to you by the