Chaplain Aide

The Chaplain Aide assists the Troop Chaplain in serving the religious needs of the troop. He helps conduct the religious service on Sunday morning at campouts. He ensures that religious holidays are considered during the troop’s program planning process and promotes the BSA’s religious emblems program.

Job Description:

The purpose of this program is to facilitate the following:
• Make the 12th point of the Scout Law more meaningful;
• Promote a greater understanding of and appreciation for all religions; and
• Provide Scouts with the opportunity to work with the Troop Chaplain and, in certain
circumstances, an ordained member of the clergy.
The responsibilities are to encourage spiritual awareness and growth in the lives of Troop
members and to assist the Troop Chaplain.

Reports to:

• The Assistant Senior Patrol Leader for Camping and Troop Chaplain

Chaplain Aide Duties:

• Promote the religious emblems programs.
• Present an overview of the various religious emblems programs to the Troop at least
annually, instructing members to contact their own clergyperson or religious counselor to
guide them in the appropriate study programs.
• Compile and keep an up-to-date list of local clergy who have agreed to be counselors for
the religious emblems programs.
• Present an overview of the religious emblems programs to Pack 55 on request.
• Serve as the youth coordinator for the observance of the annual Scout Sunday in
• Working with the Troop Chaplain, compose a Scouts’ Own worship service for all Troop
• Prepare an opening prayer at each Tuesday evening Troop Meeting.
• Encourage troop members to strengthen their own relationship with God through
personal prayer and devotions and participation in religious activities.
• Participate in patrol leader’s council planning sessions, ensuring that a spiritual emphasis
is included, e.g., prayer before Troop campout meals, religious observances, etc.


• The Scout seeking the position of Chaplain Aide should have earned or be in the process
of completing his religious emblems study program.
• The Scouts selected must be at least a First Class Scout.
• The Chaplain Aide should be mature and sensitive – a Scout who has earned the trust of
his fellow Scouts.

Performance and Advancement Expectations:

• Meet with the Troop Chaplain prior to the commencement of your term as Chaplain Aide
to (i) complete the Chaplain Aide’s Advancement Requirements and (ii) coordinate
responsibilities among the other Chaplain Aides.
• Sign and return to the Troop Chaplain the Troop Leadership Position Agreement.
• Attend Troop meetings, campouts and Courts of Honor during the term as agreed to with
the Troop Chaplain and indicated in the Chaplain Aide’s Advancement Requirements.
• Attend all Scout Staff preparation meetings and activities prior to campouts for which
you are responsible for the Scouts Own worship service.
• Facilitate Scouts Own worship services at all campouts as agreed to in the Chaplain Aide

Advancement Requirements

• Prepare an opening prayer for each Tuesday night Troop Meeting as agreed to in the
Chaplain Aide Advancement Requirements
• Promote emblem programs to the Troop 55, Troop 54 and Pack 55
• Assist Troop Chaplain in Scout Sunday preparations
• Maintain your Chaplain Aide’s Advancement Log and have signed by the Troop
Chaplain upon completion of your term to confirm successful completion of the Chaplain
Aide’s Advancement Requirements.
• Schedule and attend monthly leadership conferences with the Troop Chaplain to review
progress and performance of the Chaplain Aide Advancement Requirements.