Job Description:

Works with Patrol Quartermasters and Troop Equipment Coordinator to
request, issue, maintain and return equipment for the Troop and individual
Patrols as needed for Troop campouts. Keeps an inventory of troop equipment
and sees that the gear is in good condition, and at meetings of the patrol
leaders’ council he reports on the status of equipment in need of replacement or

Reports to:

First Assistant SPL and Troop Equipment Coordinator

Troop Quartermaster duties:

· Works closely with Patrol quartermasters.
· Supervised by the Troop Equipment Coordinator.
· Assist SPL in planning equipment needs for troop activities and events.
· Keep records of patrol and troop equipment.
· Make sure equipment is in good working condition.
· Keep equipment storage space neat and clean.
· Attend and lead monthly Wednesday load up for the campout.
· Issue equipment and make sure it is returned in good condition.
· Lead the troop unload at the warehouse on Sunday’s following campouts
· Make suggestions for new or replacement items.
· Responsible for inspecting all patrol action packers before and after campouts to insure they are
clean and well stocked.
· Lead preparation of action packers for New Scout Campout
· Designate a substitute Troop QM for campouts, if necessary.
· Assist in issuing troop issued gear at campouts. Responsible for safe and
responsible use of troop equipment.
· Educates scouts on the safe and responsible use of troop equipment, and returns
issued equipment in clean and well-maintained condition.
· Set a good example
· Proudly and correctly wear the Scout uniform per the BSA standards
· Demonstrate highest level of Scout Spirit. Be focused and involved during scout
· Limit personal, social activities during scout events
· Lives by the Scout Oath and Law


· Star rank or above
· Camping Merit Badge
· Troop leadership training (or commit to complete during term)
· Attended at least 4 troop campouts and a summer camp or adventure program
during the previous year.
The Scoutmaster may evaluate exceptions to these prerequisites on a case-by-case basis.

Performance and Advancement Expectations:

• There may be 2 Troop Quartermasters at a time. Duties will continue for a term
of approximately 4.5 months. Mid-August to Dec 31, January 1, to Mid-June.
• Have read, signed and kept a copy of Troop Leadership Agreement.
• Maintain your service record for this Position of Responsibility for use in all
Scoutmaster Conferences.
• Schedule and complete monthly leadership Conferences after appointment
• (approximately every 30 days) to review progress, performance, credit and plan
for the performance of the leadership position.
• Attend at least 75% of Troop meetings, campouts and Court of Honors during
term, unless excused by Scoutmaster.
• Unless excused in the monthly evaluation
o Attend weekly Troop Meetings in a field or activity uniform
o Attend Courts of Honor
o Attend Troop Campouts
o Attend PLC/Green Bar meetings during tenure
o Attend all Scout Staff preparation meetings and activities prior to a Campout.