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Instruction Video Guidelines/Hints


  • Either video or Powerpoint or Google Slides
    • Some topics are better as a Powerpoint or Google Slides Presentation than as a pure video. Use your judgement and imagine how you would like to see it presented.
    • If doing video, it is preferred that you edit the video yourself into a short movie with a title and requirement number on the title screen.
  • Up to 5mins in length
    • Broader topics should be split into multiple units


  • Wear your Class A Scout Uniform.
  • Introduce yourself and state your Position of Responsibility (Instructor or Troop Guide).
  • Clearly state the requirement you are going to cover and read that requirement aloud.
  • Make sure you have re-read the associated parts of the Scout Handbook to cover key information completely.
  • You may add additional information or personal stories to keep in interesting and engaging.
  • Use the EDGE Method (Explain and Demonstrate the skill to be taught).
  • Get a parent or sibling to help you maneuver the camera and use a tripod if possible.