The Instructor is tasked with teaching scouting skills to scouts within the FCT Program. The Instructor should be very knowledgeable when it come to first aid, knots, orienteering, etc. He should also be able to teach those skills to first time students using the EDGE Method.
The Instructor assists the adult FCT Coordinators and FCT ASPL with the running and organization of FCT specific activities.

Job Description:

The Instructor teaches Scouting skills.

Reports to:

The Assistant Senior Patrol Leader for the First Class Trail and ASM for the First Class Trail.


1. Teach basic Scouting skills in troop and patrols
2. Set a good example
3. Proudly and correctly wear the Scout uniform per the BSA standards
4. Demonstrate highest level of Scout Spirit. Be focused and involved during scout activities
5. Limit personal, social activities during scout events
6. Lives by the Scout Oath and Law
7. Works cooperatively with Troop Guides and JASMs


• The Scout must at least be star rank; although this position is often filled by more senior Scouts
who can meet the expectations listed below.
• Completed Troop Leadership Training
• Preferably has completed NYLT, or has committed to attend NYLT

Performance and Advancement Expectations:

• Prepares in advance for each teaching assignment.
• Instructs basic Scouting skills as needed within the Troop or patrols.
• Assists the Troop Guide in planning and instruction of First Class Trail requirements;
• Arranges for other teaching assistance as needed.
• Assists in instruction of leadership skills, including:
o “Stop, Start, Continue”
o Effective Communication
o Effective Listening and
o Matching Leadership Style to Leadership Needs
• Carries out specific teaching assignments assigned by the Assistant Senior Patrol Leader each
month. A teaching session should last 20 to 30 minutes and should impart or review a basic scout
skill that will be used in the up-coming Troop outing.
• Do necessary research to master the assigned skill.
• Work with Assistant Scoutmaster to master the assigned skill and to prepare a teaching plan.
• Prepare a written teaching plan in advance of each assignment. The plan must show *what* will
be taught and *how* it will be taught. The plan should be about two paragraphs in length. The
plan will use the EDGE method, including hands-on demonstrations, and practice of the skill. The
Instructor may use Troop teaching resources to meet this requirement.
• Teach the assigned skill at a troop meeting / advancement session in a 20 to 30 minute period.
During that time, maintain control of the group.
• Is highly knowledgeable in at least two areas of instruction (e.g, knots & lashings, first aid,
cooking, orienteering,
• Keeps an attendance roster of all attendees at each training and at the conclusion of that training,
gives the list to the FCT Coordinator or ASPL for the FCT
• Work cooperatively with the Troop Guides assigned to a particular Patrol or other new Scout
• If necessary, prearranges and acquires necessary equipment for the training from the
Quartermaster prior to the meeting.
• Returns the equipment needed for the lesson to the Quartermaster at the conclusion of each
training session.
• Coordinates with Troop Guides and Patrol Assistant Scoutmasters the schedule for training of
new scout patrol members.
• As needed, performs or assists in demonstrations for the troop at-large.
• Unless excused in the monthly evaluation
o Attend weekly Troop Meetings in a field or activity uniform
o Attend Courts of Honor
o Attend Troop Campouts
o Attend Advancement Sessions during tenure
o Attend PLC/Green Bar meetings during tenure
o Attend all Scout Staff preparation meetings and activities prior to a Campout.
• Have read, signed and has copy of Troop Leadership Position Agreement.
• Meet with the SM or his designee to establish your written advancement plan for the leadership
term. The Troop will provide an opportunity to sign up for, and complete merit badges consistent
with your obligations as a Scout Leader.
• Maintain your service record for this Position of Responsibility for use in all Scoutmaster
• Schedule and complete monthly leadership conferences after appointment (approximately every
30 days) to review progress, performance, credit and plan for the performance of the leadership