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2024 New Scout Campout Meal Planning

New Scouts

Saturday Breakfast

  • Eat a full meal before arriving at Webb Ranch

Saturday Lunch

  • Lunch will be provided for all scouts

Saturday Dinner

  • Scouts will be cooking their own meals using silver turtles primarily prepared at home by the scouts
    • Prepare at home by selecting and purchasing ingredients and cutting them to appropriate size
    • Bag the ingredients (veggies in one bag, protein in another)
    • Be sure to include a small amount of seasoning (salt & pepper, lemon pepper, Tony Chachere’s, etc) if the scout desires
  • PASMs will have coolers available to store food upon arrival
  • The scouts will assemble their silver turtles at the campsite, using provided heavy duty foil.

Sunday Breakfast

  • Scouts will cook “Toad in a Hole” as a patrol
    • Ingredients provided
  • Cereal/Snack bars/Oatmeal will be provided

Snacks Through out the Weekend

  • Scout can bring his own snacks for the campout but the troop will provide fruit, granola bars, oatmeal bars and trail mix.
    • Avoid candy and other sugary snacks



The Grubmaster will be preparing meals for adults for Saturday Lunch, Saturday Dinner, and Sunday Breakfast.

Youth Leadership

Troop Guides will have Saturday Breakfast with the Leadership Patrol and then follow the same plan as the New Scouts (Provided Lunch, Silver Turtles for Dinner with Patrol, Breakfast with Patrol)

Instructors and other youth leadership will eat together and have an assigned grubmaster for the duration of the campout.