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Spring 2024 – Elections, PORs, and Patrol Draft

  • December 3rd
    • Senior Patrol Leader and Patrol Leader Nominations Due
      • Submit your name to Dr. Hou ( and Mr. Thompson (
      • SPL Requirements
        • Life Scout or above
        • 14 years old or above
        • Previously served as an ASPL
        • NYLT Required
        • Speak to Dr. Hou or Mr. Thompson if you do not meet all of the requirements but would like to run and exceptions can be made on a case by case basis
      • Patrol Leader Requirements
        • First Class Scout
    • Potential ASPLs should submit their interest and qualifications via email to Dr. Hou and Mr. Thompson
      • The newly elected SPL will ultimately choose his ASPLs but those formally requesting the position will be given the first opportunity
  • December 3rd
    • Fall ’24 Position of Responsibility Applications Due
  • December 12th
  • Late December/Early January
    • Virtual meeting to Re-Constitute Regular Patrols