Troop Guide

INTRODUCTION and Description

Thank you for your interest in becoming a Troop Guide for Troop 55.

Troop Guide is one of the most important positions within the troop and therefore requires a commitment on your part. The Troop Guide is the de facto Patrol Leader for our FCT Patrols. His goal is to insure organized patrol operations while demonstrating to new scouts the ins and outs of the patrol method in BSA and within Troop 55 specifically. The troop guide reports to the patrol’s PASM, and works with him/her to help the new scouts in the patrol proceed with their advancement. The Troop Guide camps with their assigned FCT Patrol on campouts, sits with them at meetings, and represents the patrol at the monthly PLC.

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Star Rank or Higher
Previous Position as Instructor, Den Chief, or Patrol Leader

If you do not meet all the prerequisites you may still apply, but the most qualified applicants will be considered first.

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